“...When their world ends, our story begins...” “Partidei” is a fantastic, epic story of the clash between a group of youngsters and a tyrannical robot that has enslaved their world, their families and those close to them. Packed with action and adventure, the series also features elements of science fiction, drama and comedy centered around its young protagonists. Geared toward young boys between the age of roughly 8 to 14, the series may also appeal to many young girls of roughly the same age category, as they could identify with the age group of the characters in the series and they way they interact on a personal level – an aspect that will be amply treated in the series. “Partidei” will hinge on the rise to power of the evil SYNCRO, on the training and deeds of MEKIDOKAS, and on the formation of the group of youngsters called forth to resist tyranny. Neither narrative thread, however, will be exhausted in a single episode, but will rather evolve over the course of subsequent episodes leading to grand finales rich in thrill and suspense, assured to keep viewers enthralled.



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