15 January 2020


Mondo TV: the MeteoHeroes will celebrate Easter with Bauli. The license agreement for the production of food and confectionary products has been closed


15 January 2020 Mondo TV announced that Bauli S.p.A., a leading company in Italy in the food and confectionary sector, has purchased from Mondo TV a license for the territories of Italy, Vatican, San Marino and Canton Ticino for the exploitation of the licensing and merchandising rights of the MeteoHeroes animation TV series. The license grants the rights to Bauli for the production and marketing of various confectionery items for the Easter. It should be remembered that the property is the subject of a new series co-produced with Epson Meteo (see press release of 8 June 2018) and focuses on issues related to the effects of climate change, a topic currently of great relevance and interest.


The license provides for the exploitation of the brand during Easter 2021; the agreement provides for the payment of a minimum guaranteed amount on future royalties, whose amount is interesting although still not particularly significant in itself, and royalties by Bauli in favor of Mondo TV for sales exceeding the amount of the guaranteed minimum. Given also the importance of the licensee and its capillary distribution capacity, royalties exceeding the guaranteed minimum are expected.


This new contract marks a new important step in the development in Italy of the licensing plans associated with the property MeteoHeroes.


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09 January 2020


Mondo TV announced the sale for the airing on the Ukrainian national channel of four programs of the classic library


09 January 2020 Mondo TV informed to have confirmed a new syndication agreement (i.e. agreements for the distribution among local free-tv channels) with the company LLC CAT, based in Kiev, for the granting of free-to-air rights on the First National Channel in Ukraine of four programs of the classic library of Mondo TV.


The agreement has a duration of one year and half, up to July 2021, and is on a non-exclusive basis.


Beyond the economic data, which is not significant in itself, this agreement confirms the restart of the sales of Mondo TV’s classic library programs in Eastern Europe.


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